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est. 1862

Located in historical downtown Georgetown, they service clientele within all of Halton and Halton Hills, and also are not far for residents of the Peel and GTA areas.


Georgetown Denture Clinic has been serving the Halton and Halton Hills area since 1982. Alexander Trenton is a licensed Denturist, specializing in dentures, custom cosmetic dentures, and implant dentures. Alex and his team provide quality denture services directly to the public. They make full dentures and partial dentures, implant dentures, relines, and repairs to existing dentures, and they adjust and clean dentures. Alex personally handles every step from the first impression, to the final adjustments and it is all completed on the premises. Located in historical downtown Georgetown, they service clientele within all of Halton and Halton Hills and also are not far for residents of the Peel and GTA areas. They are experts in design and fabrication to give you the custom cosmetic denture you deserve.

  • When you (the Georgetown Denture Clinic) suggested implants I was not receptive at the time, however, eventually I took your advice. That was the best decision I could have made and what a difference those implants have made. I am no longer plagued with continuous sores and loose dentures. It is a great feeling to be able to chew and not have dentures in your hand and I want to thank you again for your good advice.
    Eva - Implants changed my life!
  • I actually ate a steak for the first time in years! What a difference! I was so skeptical but this was the best decision I have ever made thanks to you! I have recommended you to all my friends. I am looking forward now to eating more of the foods I love again!

    Pete - Meat lover again
  • What a difference! My wife, especially, can't thank you enough. My new dentures have taken years off my age! I have received so many compliments about my new teeth. Thank you so so much!

    Will - The new me!
  • I wish to thank Alexander and Kelly for going all out for me in an emergency situation. Top Grade Service!

    Skip - Thankful he was able to smile in his niece's wedding photos! Phew!
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