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Consultation and Oral Exam

Before any work is started, an appointment is set up to discuss exactly what is needed, expectations and various options that are available. At this visit, all costs are specifically discussed, and if a patient has insurance coverage, an estimate can be submitted on the patients' behalf. A preliminary intra-oral examination is performed to asses the clinical situation. If any oral disease is prevalent, or preparation or restoration is needed on natural teeth, the patient is then referred to the appropriate professional health specialist. This is to ensure the patient is in good oral health before commencing with the measurement procedures of denture construction. Periodic assessment and maintenance of the dentures are recommended, to ensure that the prosthetic is both fitting and working well. An annual checkup is advised.

Poorly fitting dentures can lead to bite problems, speech impediments, and tissue irritation, as well as digestive issues. If left unchecked, these problems can lead to complicated health problems in the future.

The Georgetown Denture Clinic will make your experience an enjoyable one! History has it...making dentures since 1982 in Halton Hills!

Tooth loss can occur for many reasons (periodontal disease, decay, or trauma). Dentures have been used to replace missing teeth for many years now.
When all your teeth are missing a full, or complete denture is used to replace them. They are generally made from acrylic resins. The teeth are made of special acrylic or porcelain. There are many steps to making a set of dentures; it usually takes 5 visits, as denture fabrication needs to be done in stages. 

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Millions of people experience difficulties associated with missing teeth. These difficulties can severely undermine your self-confidence and quality of life.
Missing teeth can compromise your health, eating habits, speech, and appearance. When teeth are lost, bone loss usually occurs, which in turn can affect your denture. This can result in the denture becoming loose, which may cause difficulty in stabilization of the denture, decreased chewing ability, and deterioration of the jaw structure over time.
The preferred method of tooth replacement is the dental implant. In short, dental implants are a substitute for tooth roots, and form a stable foundation for permanent replacement of teeth. They also act as a support for full and partial dentures, since the implant integrate with the bone to act as an anchor for the replacement teeth.
Dental implants can also help preserve the bone by providing stimulation that was previously provided by the natural tooth root system. This helps to maintain the integrity of your facial structure.
Dental implants are the closest possible replacement for natural teeth, and the best way to restore your natural smile. The cost of these implants have become very affordable. Ask your Denturist about how dental implants might be the right solution for you. 

Improved oral health, ability to eat, appearance and self-esteem / Increased denture comfort / Denture stability is increased / Help prevent bone loss / Resorption of tissue is reduced / Your mouth is restored to a natural state which allows superior long-term aesthetics, enhancing the beauty of your natural smile and quality of your life
There are different types of implants available, give our office a call to discuss which one may be right for you. 

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If you are in need of dentures immediately following your tooth/teeth extraction then we can help! The creation of temporary dentures may require four to five visits prior to tooth extraction. Temporary dentures are made using basically the same technique as a permanent denture, but because they are made in advance of any surgery, you can't tell exactly how your mouth will look after teeth are removed. By contrast, the molds for conventional dentures are made once the gum tissues have healed following any tooth extractions, which takes about six to eight weeks. During this time, the gum tissues will shrink and so the fit of temporary dentures WILL change.
You can keep your temporary dentures as a spare set so you won't find yourself without teeth if your permanent dentures should get lost or become damaged.
Following a healing period of your oral tissues, dentures will not fit properly and therefore will need to be relined. This can all be done at the Georgetown Denture Clinic.

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A removable partial denture is usually made to replace one or more teeth and is customized to a patient’s specific requirements.
Removable partial dentures restore a person’s natural appearance and greatly improve the ability to chew and speak clearly. 

Types and Styles of Partials:
A partial denture may be tooth-supported or tooth and tissue-supported. There are significant differences between these two types of dentures. These differences are best explained by your denturist / The number of teeth remaining, the position and the stability of the teeth are only a few of the factors that help to determine what style or type of partial denture would be best for you / Partials can be made of different materials, including acrylics, or a metal/acrylic combination / Acrylic partials are usually used as a transitional or temporary replacement of missing teeth, depending on your personal circumstances. 

The metal/acrylic partial - commonly called a cast partial – is usually a more rigid and permanent style of denture. The metal is either a highly compatible chrome cobalt alloy or titanium, which are both ultra thin, light, and very strong.
All partials are designed to be removable and should be removed nightly to contribute to healthy oral environment. 

With newer designs, materials and techniques, partials are more comfortable than ever before.

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In most cases, your Denturist can restore an existing broken or cracked denture to its original state. Repairs may be required when breakage or chipping occurs, when one or more teeth need to be added to an existing denture (due to tooth extraction), or because of wear and tear. 
Most repairs can easily be done in one day. If your denture requires a repair, it may be indicative of underlying problems, including age of the denture, worn teeth, or poor fit. Your Denturist is the professional who can best how to prevent denture breakage from occurring.
Repairs are done quickly in our lab located right on the premises. 

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Rebasing is usually done when the denture teeth have not worn out in comparison to the denture base material. It is a process of retrofitting dentures by replacing all of the acrylic denture base with new acrylic, which provides a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth. 
Relining affects only the fit of your denture and will not change the appearance. Relines are required when tissue changes occur due to resorption (shrinkage). This can be due to:
loss of weight / loss of teeth / loss of bone / ageing / disease or illness
Broken, worn or ill-fitting dentures need not always be replaced. In fact. Your Denturist can assess very quickly if you’re a candidate for a rebase, *reline or repair. Relines can be done the same day, in our own lab located right on the premises.
* Not all dentures can be relined. 
Cast palates can be incorporated into full dentures to provide extra rigidity, therefore making your dentures more durable and adding to your denture's longevity. Palates can be made thinner as well when manufactured in cast metal versus the bulkier option (plastic pink).
Have your name placed in your dentures...no one will be stealing your dentures again!

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The Georgetown Denture Clinic has been serving the Halton and Halton Hills area since 1982. Alexander Trenton is a licensed Denturist, specializing in implant secured dentures.


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