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Implant Dentures - Know Your Options!



A dental implant is a support made of titanium which has the ability of adhering permanently to bony tissue. The implants are inserted into the jawbone under the gum tissue by an oral surgeon. After the healing period, anchoring posts are gently inserted through the gum tissue to provide a comfortable stable support on which an implant denture can be secured. Implants are a safe, approved alternative for those who want increased comfort, improved appearance, and better chewing ability. We make custom implant dentures in our own lab, located right on the premises.

No need for a referral, simply call our office direct for an appointment. Consultations are complimentary.


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The Georgetown Denture Clinic has been serving the Halton and Halton Hills area since 1982. Alexander Trenton is a licensed Denturist, specializing in implant secured dentures.


Address : 18 Church Street, Georgetown
Phone : (905) 877-2359
Email : info@georgetowndentureclinic.ca

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