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Denture Stories...Embarrassing, Frustrating Incidents with your Dentures!

Denture wearers unite! You are not alone! To anyone who at one time or another has had an embarrassing, frustrating, or unfortunate accident or incident with their dentures, I would like to share these light hearted stories. While working in the denture business since 1982, I believe I have heard just about everything there is to hear about "denture mishaps". Although each new story somehow tops the one before! It's hard to believe what some people have gone through  to rescue their prosthetic pals, left defencelessly falling prey to pets, small children, toilets, and more. For instance, you've heard of "occupational hazards"?  Well believe me, When it comes to being on the job and wearing dentures, it can also be quite hazardous to the old pocket book! Like the construction worker who was 15 stories high on scaffolding. He sneezed, and watched helplessly as his upper denture plummeted to the ground! He found the denture in tiny pieces scattered in the dirt. I hope he at least gave it a descent burial!

And specking of burials, another man, while building his house many years ago, sneezed his denture into the cement while he was pouring the foundation! Talk about giving your house that personal touch!

Have you got a humorous "denture mishap" You'd like to share with other readers? If so, write or phone our office, we'd be glad to share your story, anomomously of course!


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