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Denture Stories - Kittens, Puppies, and All Our Loveable Pets!

"Denture Mishaps" just wouldn't be complete without the ever popular "pet problems"! One man must surely regret eating that tunafish sandwich, before taking a nap and removing his denture and laying it on the nightstand. He awoke to find his tabby cat batting his dentures from baseboard to baseboard, playfully pouncing on the "fishy" smelling denture. Two replacement teeth and extensive cat hair removal later, and the denture was again fit for chewing. (Not tunafish of course!) It could have been worse; it could have been buried in the kitty litter!

While some pets prefer playing with dentures, some do favour the more possessive burying. Like the black lab who buried his masters lower dentures in the backyard. They were eventually recovered six weeks later, fully intact with not a scratch on them, however covered with dirt! The man had already purchased a new denture, as he had searched high and low without success. Oh well, at least he can keep it as a spare!

Some guys have all the luck, unlike another fellow who's dog wasn't so gentle. This pooch must have been drooling over one too many dog chow commercials when he spied his masters dentures perched irresistibly on the arm of an easy chair. Five chomps later, all that was left were a few fractured teeth and some pink plastic bits covered in doggy drool. I'm certain old Rover spent a few nights in the dog house for that one! Man's best friend!?


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