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Why Wait? Change Your Life Today With Implant Secured Dentures

Benefits of Denture Stabilization Through Implant Secured Dentures


  • Enables proper, thorough chewing, allowing a better diet and improved health
  • Speech is improved
  • Overall confidence is greatly increased
  • Comfort level is increased as there is less irritation of gum tissue
  • No more gooey mess or wasted money on denture adhesives as they are no longer required
  • Surgery is now minimally invasive due to improved medical technology


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The Georgetown Denture Clinic has been serving the Halton and Halton Hills area since 1982. Alexander Trenton is a licensed Denturist, specializing in implant secured dentures.


Address : 18 Church Street, Georgetown
Phone : (905) 877-2359
Email : info@georgetowndentureclinic.ca

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