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Denture Stories...Embarrassing, Frustrating Incidents with your Dentures!

Denture wearers unite! You are not alone! To anyone who at one time or another has had an embarrassing, frustrating, or unfortunate accident or incident with their dentures, I would like to share these light hearted stories. While working in the denture business since 1982, I believe I have heard just about everything there is to hear about "denture mishaps". Although each new story somehow tops the one before! It's hard to believe what some people have gone through  to rescue their prosthe...
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Denture Stories...Involving Fish, Bottle Caps, and Grandma!

I just couldn't forget to tell you about the fisherman who was reeling in the big catch, and just as he leaned over to reel the fish in, his lower denture slipped out! The fisherman had to choose between letting the fish go and diving for the denture before it sunk, or pull in the fish and let the denture go. Let's say that was one expensive fish!And I musn't forget the bartender! Showing off one night, opening one beer bottle too many with his dentures, came into our office the next morning wit...
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Denture Stories - Kittens, Puppies, and All Our Loveable Pets!

"Denture Mishaps" just wouldn't be complete without the ever popular "pet problems"! One man must surely regret eating that tunafish sandwich, before taking a nap and removing his denture and laying it on the nightstand. He awoke to find his tabby cat batting his dentures from baseboard to baseboard, playfully pouncing on the "fishy" smelling denture. Two replacement teeth and extensive cat hair removal later, and the denture was again fit for chewing. (Not tunafish of course!) It could have bee...
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Denture Stories...Involving Fictional Characters Too - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Finally,I just couldn't leave out one of the most popular ways to loose your dentures. Whether they've indulged the night before with too many alcoholic beverages, or they just plain catch a flu bug and the old stomach just can't take it anymore, those poor plates end up in the toilets! That right, the toilet!People desperately grabbing for them as the suction of the water swiftly hirls them into the sewer. So that's why those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have such perfect smiles!I must warn all...
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Smile...It's Summertime! Revive Your Smile!

Smile…It’s Summertime! Come in for your complimentary consultation!! It’s the summer and we want you to smile about it. Come and revive your smile. There are many options for you to regain that smile; implant secured dentures, full dentures, and partial dentures (you may only be missing one or two teeth). We can help. Let us help!
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Implant Secured Dentures Is the Answer!!

Come check out how Implant Secured Dentures can FINALLY help you!!
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A Smile is Born!

Release your inner smile!  Summer is here, we all should be smiling...come in and see us to help get your smile back!
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Implant Secured Dentures

The question has been answered...come in for your complimentary consultation to see how implant secured dentures will be your life changer!
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