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Denture Stories...Involving Fish, Bottle Caps, and Grandma!

Denture Stories...Involving Fish, Bottle Caps, and Grandma!

I just couldn't forget to tell you about the fisherman who was reeling in the big catch, and just as he leaned over to reel the fish in, his lower denture slipped out! The fisherman had to choose between letting the fish go and diving for the denture before it sunk, or pull in the fish and let the denture go. Let's say that was one expensive fish!

And I musn't forget the bartender! Showing off one night, opening one beer bottle too many with his dentures, came into our office the next morning with a hole the size of a beer cap in his upper denture! I promptly informed him that twist off caps were invented for his convenience, although not as popular for impressing the female gender!

If you think children are so sweet and innocent, just listen to these shinannigans! Like the little girl who stole grandma's denture right out of the denture bath, where it was innocently soaking, minding it's own business. She thought she would use them as a teething ring! Ain't that the cutest!

Now some kids are just a tad bit more aggressive than others. It's far too easy to just stalk innocent unsuspecting denture cups and swipe them when no one is looking! This particular baby decided Grandma was making one too many funny faces up close, and simply reached into granny's mouth and pulled out her lower dentures. And if that wasn't bad enough, to Grandma's horror, proceeded to toss them helplessly across the room, where they sustained minor injuries colliding with the toaster oven! Grandma's little angel!

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