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Managing Hard to Chew Foods (especially Halloween candy)

Managing Hard to Chew Foods (especially Halloween candy)

The first step in managing hard to chew foods is to make sure your teeth & dentures are in good condition. If you have dentures, you should have them checked each year. Even if you are not having any specific discomfort, there could be hidden problems. The teeth on your denture wear down over the years and become dull. Some foods might actually be taking you twice as long to chew, because of dulling teeth. It is worth the time to visit our office and make sure your dentures fit correctly.

If you still find chewing difficult, try changing the method of preparation, instead of the food. For example, try roasting,  stewing or broiling meat, and then chop or slice thinly. Use canned or stewed fruits, or drink fruit & vegetable juices. Grate cheese or use in sauces and eat cottage cheese & yogurt. You may find a blender or food processor helpful when preparing your food.

When it comes to Halloween candy ensure to be extra cautious with the hard candy and toffees. Nuts can cause issues as well so just go slow and try to focus on chewing on your back teeth.

You do not need a referral; simply call our office direct for an appointment.


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