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Snoring Isn't Always a Laughing Matter!
A woman is escorted into the courtroom on charges of murdering her husband: Prosecution: How was your husband-killed ma'am'? Woman: He was suffocated with a pillow. Prosecution: Were you the person who suffocated your husband with the pillow? Woman: Yes, yes I did. Prosecution: But why ma'am, why would you kill your own husband? Woman: The snoring was horrible, you try sleeping next to him. Although we sometimes laugh at each other's snoring, it isn't always a laughing matter.
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Ghosts and Goblins are Scary...But Can Snoring be Worse?!
Ghosts and goblins are scary! But what’s more frightening is your spouse’s snoring!! Snoring can be scary…but it doesn’t need to be. Snoring can indicate a very serious sleep condition known as Sleep Apnea. Over 90% of loud snorers test positive for Sleep Apnea. Get your sleep patterns measured today and get the help you need! Inquire with us for a safer, healthier sleep! Home sleep tests are now available!! Oral sleep appliances can save your life!!
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