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Clean up your smile! Say no to goo! Denture implants are the answer. Inquire today about Implant Secured Dentures.
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Emergency Repairs Done On-Site!
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Emergency Denture Repairs! Broken Dentures? Cracked Dentures? Lost Dentures? Chipped Dentures?
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Hustle and Bustle Causing Broken Dentures
Did you ring in the New Year with a broken denture? Whether it be from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, the scary ice storm leaving us with slippery walkways, or the excitement of New Year's may have damaged your denture and are in need of a repair! If you forego having your denture repaired and choose to deal with a broken denture it can cause you to change your bite leading to larger issues in the future. Putting up with your broken denture not only changes your appear...
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