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Come in and meet Jennifer Bisson at the Georgetown Denture Clinic
Sleep appliances, implant secured dentures, denture repairs, and refreshing your current dentures. Georgetown Denture Clinic in Halton Hills can handle all your denture needs.
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Georgetown Denture Clinic Implant Secured Dentures
The latest in dental implant technology. If you have missing teeth, it can compromise your smile, affect your health, eating habits, speech, and confidence. Implant dentures are the closest thing to your natural teeth. Call our office today to get your smile back!
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Implant Secured Dentures - The newest in implant technology
Implant Secured Dentures are affordable!
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Spring Time - Get Fresh - Revamp Your Smile
Implant Dentures Georgetown Denture Clinic
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    THE "CONSULTATION" APPOINTMENT. The Georgetown Denture Clinic does not charge for a consultation. So if you're having any problems or have any concerns regarding your dentures, don't hesitat...
  • I Wish...

    "I WISH I'D LOOKED AFTER MY TEETH!" Oh, I wish I'd looked after my teeth, And spotted the perils beneath, all the toffees I chewed, And the sweet sticky food, I wish I'd looked after me teeth. I...
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    Restful Sleep, Easy Breathing, Healthy Body! Happy World Sleep Day!!! Honour your sleep! 'Tired' of feeling un-rested, we have a home sleep monitor test to find out why! Celebrate World Sleep D...
  • Managing Hard to Chew Foods (especially Halloween candy)

    The first step in managing hard to chew foods is to make sure your teeth & dentures are in good condition. If you have dentures, you should have them checked each year. Even if you are not having ...